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Triangle Chimney Pros in Raleigh, NC

Chimney Sweeping Raleigh

When you think of chimney sweeping, what comes to mind (besides that ever-so-charming Mary Poppins song)? Did you know that chimney sweeping, especially in Raleigh, NC, is a critical necessity for any homeowner with a fireplace? This is both for the safety and enjoyment of your fireplace and chimney for years to come. Finding an expert to complete a proper chimney sweeping in Raleigh can be difficult, because what exactly are you looking for? Set aside your visions of flying chalk drawings and dancing penguins – you’re wanting to find someone professional and certified, who has been in the business for a fair amount of time.

And remember, while you’re busy searching “Chimney Sweeping Raleigh” and scanning through the various sites, there’s a little seal from the Chimney Safety Institute of America that you’ll want to stay on the lookout for. Don’t see it in your results? Then you might want to move your search along. Chimney sweeping in the Raleigh area is serious business, and you want someone who knows the craft well, with a proven record of excellence stamped with a Certified Chimney Sweep seal on the bottom of our site.

With its hot summers and damp winters, the Triangle environment certainly can create havoc on all areas of your home, and your fireplace and chimney are no exception. But just because it’s a big deal doesn’t mean that it has to cost you big money. There are many tips that you can employ to ensure professional and affordable service, every time. For instance, does your chimney sweeping provider carry business insurance? That’s an important question when looking for a good chimney sweep in Raleigh. Accidents are rare, but they do happen. And you want to make sure that you don’t fall into an expensive trap and get stuck paying for something that isn’t your fault. Have they been in the area a long time? That’s very important for any business, but especially in a service that has the safety of your home and family in the balance. Every climate is different, and chimney sweeping in Raleigh has its own challenges. You want someone who knows the ins and outs of the area, and the little quirks of our unique climate.

We like to think that Triangle Chimney hits all those nails on the head. We’re certified by both the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Fire Protection Association, we’ve been in the chimney and fireplace maintenance business for 9 successful years, so we are here to stay. We’re a family-owned business that wants nothing more than to take complete care of our customers. While we don’t have tap dancing penguins, we’re so sure that you’ll be happy with our business that we have a money back guarantee! Give us a call today to learn more.

Chimney Cleaning Raleigh

Why, exactly, do you need professional chimney cleaning in Raleigh? Well the chilly, damp winters mean that you’ll want to use that fireplace to keep nice and cozy (say, you didn’t just get that installed for decoration, did you?). Getting a chimney cleaning completed in Raleigh is not only a sure way to keep it up and running for years to come, it will also keep you and your family safe and sound all winter long. Failing to have a chimney cleaning completed at least once a year by a professional can cause serious health issues, not to mention it could put you and your family at risk for a house fire.

With every use, soot and ash can get clogged in your chimney, but cleaning it out every once in a while keeps it from getting backed up. In addition to being a fire hazard, the backups can also cause soot and dirt to enter into your home, leaving harmful toxins in the air. Carbon monoxide is also an issue that chimney cleaning can take care of. Did you know that every year, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, around 20 thousand people fall ill because of carbon monoxide? And on top of that, about 400 deaths are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. Many of these deaths are preventable, by getting a good chimney cleaning performed regularly.

On top of chimney fires – of which there are over 25 thousand a year, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of Amercia – dryer vent fires are also a problem. A clogged dryer vent makes a dangerous chimney. So make sure that you put dryer vents on your list to check out. Give our experts a call today, and let us help you ensure a safe home for you and your loved ones now.

Chimney Repairs Raleigh

You would think that since fireplaces have been around for quite some time that we would have everything figured out by now, and that chimney issues would be a thing of the past. But in reality, we’ve also had cars for over a hundred years and still need to take them in when normal wear and tear happens. Your chimney falls into exactly the same kind of category: routine maintenance keeps it functioning safely! Normal usage and elements can chip away at all parts of your chimney and fireplace. The cracks, wear, and weathering can cause your chimney to be unsafe, and therefore more prone to fires, leaving you in serious need of professional chimney repairs in Raleigh. What kind of chimney repairs, you might ask? They run the gamut from tiny to large, but don’t worry, for chimney repairs, you don’t have to look any farther than Triangle Chimney Pros!

Below are a few things to watch out for and be aware of while assessing your chimney needs. These are also things you may want to bring up and discuss during your annual chimney inspection and cleaning, as these yearly inspections can help stop a small problem from turning into a big problem:

Your chimney wears a crown.

Did you know that? No wonder it’s so important. The crown is the cement piece on the top of your chimney. The crown is essential in keeping water from entering the flue and causing some serious water damage, which can mean costly chimney repairs, given our Raleigh weather.


That’s a new one, right? Well between the bricks of your chimney, there is mortar that joins them together. And chilly, damp weather can cause small cracks and chipping. If left untreated, the entire structural integrity of the chimney can be put at risk, and that’s a huge chimney repair that can cost you a lot of money.

Flashing chimney repair.

This is another issue in Raleigh’s winter. The flashing is the metal piece that joins the chimney to the roof. If it is old, dented, or rusty, water could get into your home and cause a lot of damage to your chimney and roof.

There are many chimney repairs Raleigh residents should keep in mind while assessing the state of their chimneys. And all of them are meant to make sure that your chimney lasts a long, long time. So don’t gamble on your fireplace and chimney – call the professionals at Triangle Chimney Pros today!