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Chimney Relining

A chimney Liner is the inner portion of your chimney that contains and channels the products of combustions. A chimney liner must be clear of perforations, cracks, or damages of any kind. Damage of any kind can result in products of combustion (carbon monoxide, moisture, smoke, and creosote) to flow into the living spaces of your home, or the heat from the products to create a fire hazard to combustible materials near the flue (framing, walls, ceilings, insulation, or floors).

Reasons for Lining or Relining your Chimney Include:

Chimney Liners

Clay Tiles – The most common flue liner in a brick chimney is a clay tile lining the flue. These tiles are easily found and inexpensive. Clay tile will work just fine, as long as it is kept well maintained. However, clay tiles can’t stand up to high heat beyond a certain point, which means they crack if exposed to too much heat.

Stainless Steel – A stainless steel chimney liner is an easy and economical option to repair a deteriorated, unsafe, or inefficient chimney flue. Stainless steel liners enhance the draft performance and helps to reduce any chances of condensation, carbon monoxide leaks, creosote buildup, and chimney fires.

Fire Guard – The FireGuard ceramic sealant is a high-duty, refractory mortar specifically designed to correct open mortar joints within the flue liner. The special FireGuard material and the method of which it is applied produces heat, acid, and water resistant joints that decrease dangerous heat transfer.