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Save Energy & Time with a Fireplace Insert

If you do not get much use out of your existing fireplace due to the time and energy required for proper maintenance and upkeep, a fireplace insert from Triangle Chimney may be the answer. Our fireplace inserts allow you to enjoy your fireplace more frequently without the hassles or struggles of heat loss. At Triangle Chimney Pros, we offer a variety of fireplace inserts along with professional installation to help Triangle area homeowners make the most out of their heating experience while increasing the value of their home.
Contact our team today to learn how a fireplace insert can effectively convert your outdated fireplace to give you more ease and better functionality.

Types of Fireplace Inserts

While there are several different types of fireplace inserts, each style shares the same functionality in that it is equipped with a fitted box that slips into the masonry fireplace, with a chimney liner that is easy to clean and maintain, all while making your fireplace more energy efficient. Fireplace inserts may be wood stoves or electrical or gas-powered units that offer the benefit of maximum heat retention for every fire burned.

Benefits of Installing a Fireplace Insert

There are many advantages to installing a fireplace insert. One of the most enjoyable benefits, however, is that a fireplace insert can increase the use of an existing fireplace that has been underutilized due to poor performance in household heating.

Reduced Heat Loss
A traditional masonry fireplace will have substantial heat loss directly through the chimney. In fact, some fireplaces lose well over half of the heat they generate, making it an incredibly inefficient method of heating your home. Fireplace inserts are designed to limit heat loss and maximize energy efficiency. This is because they function in the same way as wood burning stoves, in that they allow heat to stay put for added comfort in the fall and winter.

Updated Aesthetics & Design
Fireplace inserts can offer a more modern design for your home, especially when you combine installation of the new unit with an upgrade to the outer hearth of the fireplace. There are many easy-to-install options that will create a dynamic new look for any fireplace for a style that beautifully compliments your home.

Ease of Use
Fireplace inserts bring the added convenience of being ready to light at the flip of a switch, so that you can enjoy the comfort of a fire with ease, at any time.

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